MRI Shielded Imaging Room

The very nature of an MRI room is intimidating; designing for this application goes beyond meeting the required light levels. It's about creating a sense of calm by introducing biophilic elements, while providing safe operation among all the sensitive equipment in the room.

MRI Series has what it takes to meet those challenges thanks to features including Silent Source™ technology, an allinclusive approach developed by Axis Lighting to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and simplify MRI imaging room lighting design and installation.

Diagnostic Radiology & Imaging
Criteria apply to various scanning methods, such as Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Ultrasound
Task Notes Horizontal (Eh) Vertical (Ev) Uniformity (Avg:min)
Control Room/Alcove Eh at 2’6” AFF; Ev at 4′ AFF 10fc 5fc 3 to 1
Image Viewing Eh at 2’6” AFF; Ev at 4′ AFF 30fc 10fc 3 to 1
Ceiling Art Introduce backlighted photomurals or art panels above recumbent patient’s head position
Preparation Eh at 3’ AFF; Ev at 4′ AFF 50fc 15fc 3 to 1
Procedure Eh at 3’ AFF; Ev at 4′ AFF 5fc 2fc 4 to 1