MRI Shielded Imaging Room

The very nature of an MRI room is intimidating; designing for this application goes beyond meeting the required light levels. It's about creating a sense of calm by introducing biophilic elements, while providing safe operation among all the sensitive equipment in the room.

Diagnostic Radiology & Imaging
Criteria apply to various scanning methods, such as Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Ultrasound
Task Notes Horizontal (Eh) Vertical (Ev) Uniformity (Avg:min)
Control Room/Alcove Eh at 2’6” AFF; Ev at 4′ AFF 10fc 5fc 3 to 1
Image Viewing Eh at 2’6” AFF; Ev at 4′ AFF 30fc 10fc 3 to 1
Ceiling Art Introduce backlighted photomurals or art panels above recumbent patient’s head position
Preparation Eh at 3’ AFF; Ev at 4′ AFF 50fc 15fc 3 to 1
Procedure Eh at 3’ AFF; Ev at 4′ AFF 5fc 2fc 4 to 1