MRI Remote Power Supply

Providing an all-in-one solution to architectural lighting design for shielded MRI rooms

The BalancedCare Silent Source Difference MRI Remote Power Supply

BalancedCareTM Silent SourceTM technology is part of an all-encompassing, easy-to-install Remote Power Supply (RPS) system – complete with the necessary filters, drivers and wiring needed to safely operate the luminaires  in an MRI shielded imaging room. With simple electrical connections in the equipment room, the dimmable luminaires deliver the proper illumination and comfort in an otherwise stressful environment. All while providing safe operation that meets the most stringent testing standards for one of the most sensitive rooms in healthcare.

  • Easy installation with filters, drivers and wiring included.
  • Smaller filters produce less noise, use less power, and are less expensive than traditional larger filters.
  • 0-10V dimming from the Control Room.
  • AC/DC 120-277V constant voltage 24V with unique analog dimming, 0-10V integrated circuit.
  • Multiple low-wattage drivers can be combined per RPS enclosure.
  • Independently tested and certified to meet MIL-461G (Air Force/Navy Fixed) standards.
  • The RPS enclosure is a non-ferrous, all-aluminum construction

For inquiries about the quantity of remote power supply components needed for lighting setups in shielded MRI rooms, please reach out to us.

12” contains one driver, plus filters
21” contains two drivers, plus filters
29” contains three drivers, plus filters