Patient Bathroom

Although a part of the patient room, the bathroom has separate needs. Reduce trip hazards with steplights for floor-level illumination, particularly at night. Vanity lighting that can even accommodate the wheelchair bound. Materials that can withstand stringent cleaning protocols for infection control.

A small room with not-so-small concerns.

Lighting that aligns with recommended practice  

Patient Bathroom Illuminance (Lux) Uniformity
Task Notes Horizontal (Eh) Vertical (Ev) Avg:min
General Ambient Eh at floor; Ev at 3 to 5′ AFF* 50-100 30-60 2 to 1
Vanity Eh at 3′ AFF 150-300 2 to 1
Ev at 3′ to 5′ AFF at sink edge 200-400
Nightlight Eh at floor; Ev at 5′ AFF 50-100 30-60
Shower Eh at floor; Ev at 5′ AFF 100-200 50-100 2 to 1

To convert lux to foot candles, divide lux value by 10.7
Illuminance levels listed in the charts above represent recommended industry standards for ages ranging from 25 to > 65.