Pretty but practical way to add a layer of light to patient rooms, corridors, nurses' stations, and common areas


Accent fixtures that layer light to soften facility ambiance and enable interior design cohesiveness; multiple designs with nightlight option.

  • Designed with comfortable BeWell Optics providing ambient lighting and wall glow
  • Available CCTs: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K.
    Tunable white also available
  • Amber nightlight option to aid navigation
  • Detachable backplate for quick-disconnect and room-side access to driver
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation, surface mounting in multiple lengths and widths
  • Shallow depth (Open Book – 2 3/8″, Box – 2″, Closed Book – 3 1/8″)
  • BIOS and tunable white available in select sizes

WALL LIGHTING Welcoming but practical, too

Incorporating sconces into a patient room adds a layer of light on the walls that feels less institutional, more welcoming – a better experience for both patients and visitors. Even better if sconce lighting is engineered to contribute to the room ambient level and includes added functionality like night lighting. Also place sconces in areas outside of the patient room to create cohesiveness within the interior design of the facility. 

  • Ambient lighting plus wall wash
    Ambient lighting plus wall wash
    Delivers omni-directional ambient light while also providing a soft wash on the surrounding wall – plus optional amber night light.
  • Multiple designs and mounting options
    Multiple designs and mounting options
    Three designs that can be surface-mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Many LED platform options
    Many LED platform options
    Choose static CCT – 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K – or tunable white, with amber nightlight option.
  • Easy installation and maintenance
    Easy installation and maintenance
    Features detachable backplate for quick-disconnect and room-side access to driver.
  • Sealed and gasketed
    Sealed and gasketed
    IP64 and NSF2 rated to meet infection control cleanability standards.
  • Day, evening, and night
    Day, evening, and night
    Complementary daytime ambient, low-level evening, and optional amber night light