Multiple styles with several white CCT choices plus amber or blue


Multiple options, including thru-wall, illuminate floor for safer nighttime navigation in patient room, patient bathroom, and corridors. Typically installed 18″ above finished floor with clean, 90-degree cut-off to mitigate light trespass.

  • Rectangular and oval faceplates, horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Steplights mount to a standard junction box
  • 90° cutoff obstructs light trespass
  • Multiple LED choices: White 2700 – 4000K, Amber or Blue
  • Activation by photocell sensor
  • Pre-set light level can be adjusted up or down during installation
  • Semi-recessed; faceplates extend only 5/8″ off wall
  • Soft contoured design prevents dust collection and is easy to clean
Thru wall option
Thru wall option
White LED2700-4000K
White LED
Amber LED
Amber LED
Blue LED
Blue LED


Putting one foot in front of the other is harder for some than others. Darkness makes it more difficult, even dangerous. Step lights deliver floor-level illumination that aids a patient in getting from bed to bathroom and helps overnight caregivers avoid obstacles when crossing the room. Floor-level illumination is also useful in corridors that have been dimmed to a low ambient level or to enable wayfinding. The key is an effective cut-off design that lights the floor but does not spill into the space.

  • Multiple shapes and mounting styles
    Multiple shapes and mounting styles
    Rectangular and oval designs can be mounted horizontally or vertically plus thru-wall option.
  • Low-profile design
    Low-profile design
    Shallow housings comply with ADA requirements for depth from wall.
  • Multiple LED choices
    Multiple LED choices
    Choose from 4 white light CCTs – 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K – plus amber and blue options.
  • Photocell activation
    Photocell activation
    Photocell activation at predetermined light threshold level.
  • Adjustable light level
    Adjustable light level
    Preset light level can be adjusted up or down during installation.
  • Sealed and gasketed housing
    Sealed and gasketed housing
    IP64 and NSF2 rated with smooth surfaces to meet infection control cleanability standards.
  • Nighttime wellness
    Nighttime wellness
    Safer patient navigation without circadian disruption