Tranquility Series

Introducing Tranquility Series, a collection of BalancedCare luminaires integrating a range of inspiring images enabling design freedom, promoting wellness, serenity and faster recovery times.

Available products

With Tranquility’s broad selection of appealing images and textured patterns – and wide choice of wall-mount and ceiling-mount luminaires and layout possibilities – you have the flexibility to meet the needs of any environment.

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Overlay Grid

Regressed Lens


Closed Book

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Tranquility series Bring a sense of calm to your environment

BalancedCare by Axis Lighting understands how biophilic design positively impacts a patient’s state
of mind by bringing the outdoors in.

In healthcare facilities, nature scenes and other imagery are known to lessen anxiety, improve mood and enable shorter hospital stays. There are opportunities for “positive distractions” by bringing in playful, colorful images to an otherwise stressful environment.

Graphics Gallery

Naturally, the lighting should enhance the space while providing a sense of calm or a boost of energy, depending on the mood you’re trying to create. There are opportunities for ‘positive distractions’ through color changing lighting, illuminated panels, and nature graphics.

Select from the images on the following pages, or contact us for other options. Bring the outdoors in with complete design freedom.