Axitune Tunable White

Natural light is not static. It changes throughout the day. So it just makes sense that patients are more comfortable when their environment can change, when room lighting can be adjusted from warm to cool, dim to bright. Being more comfortable translates to a better patient experience and supports better outcomes. BeWell™ Controls makes it easy.

Intelligence is Built-In Great Lighting Made Easy

Specification, installation, commissioning, and use is as simple as can be because BalancedCare™ color capable luminaires require reduced external programming. BeWell Controls intelligence, built into the luminaire, combines tailored color mixing with smooth dimming.  This intelligence, along with proprietary lens technology, ensures the best color uniformity and consistency. Two correlated color temperature (CCT) ranges are available to accommodate various color preferences or application requirements: 2700K- 5000K or 2700K – 6500K.

Personal Lighting Control Comfortable Environments are Healing Environments

It’s easy to take light for granted. Natural light changes throughout the day without thinking about it. But the progression of natural light quickly takes on significance when it’s lost – like in the static environment of a hospital room. Patient rooms are too often lit like an “institution” – constant very bright, very cool white light.  Aside from being less than ideal for comfort, this static lighting is also contrary to innate wellbeing. Tunable White enables adjustability of the correlated color temperature and brightness that feels best at varying times of the day. Additionally, Tunable White systems can be used to provide circadian support, enabling the delivery of the right amount of light in the right spectrum to reset a person’s body clock every 24 hours. The healing process is a journey, and effective lighting can improve both the journey and the outcome.

  • Go warm to cool – or even cooler
    Go warm to cool – or even cooler
    TW2750 for tuning 2700K – 5000K or TW2765 to extend the tunable white range to 6500K.
  • Warm and bright, cool and dim, or any other combination
    Warm and bright, cool and dim, or any other combination
    2-channel control for independent adjustment of CCT and brightness = the ultimate in patient comfort.
  • Smooth dimming is intuitive dimming
    Smooth dimming is intuitive dimming
    Smooth dimming to 1% brightness along constant linear curve makes adjustment easy.
  • Skin color in its true light
    Skin color in its true light
    Choose 80 or 90 CRI because color rendering is even more important in healthcare.
  • Pick the platform
    Pick the platform
    BalancedCare™ Tunable White is enabled with EldoLED DualDrive controller and compatible with three control protocols: DALI Type 6, DALI Type 8, and Lutron T-Series. Not choosing Tunable White? BalancedCare is compatible with any controls platform, from standard 0-10V dimming to sophisticated Power Over Ethernet (POE) systems.
  • Use color for wayfinding or design flair
    Use color for wayfinding or design flair
    RGB and RGB+W color tuning is available by request for sconces and general ambient lighting; find details in the Axitune Guide.

Compatible Tunable White Products

  1. Multi-Function Overbed
  2. Multi-Function Asymmetric Overbed
  3. Flexible Ambient
  4. Sconces
  5. Tranquility Drop Lens
  6. Tranquility Grid Overlay
  7. Tranquility Regressed Lens
  8. Tranquility Sconce