MRI Beam Recessed

A timeless architectural alternative to lay-in troffers commonly used for general ambient illumination in MRI applications


This non-ferrous linear collection creates a balance between aesthetics, visual comfort and lighting performance.

  • Lengths: Up to 12’ or continuous system run
  • Recessed batwing, wall wash and graze optics available
  • 90 CRI
  • CCTs: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
  • BCB2RMRI: *750 lm/ft at 24VDC, 3500K
  • BCB4RMRI: *850 lm/ft at 24VDC, 3500K based on SO Lens at 3500K.
  • Choice of aperture widths: 2″ (BCB2RMRI) and 4″ (BCB4RMRI)

*Typical lumens, absolute value may vary.