About BalancedCare™

Axis Lighting will continue to develop solutions that contribute to beautiful, functional, and comfortable environments for the diverse array of healthcare stakeholders: patients, staff, and visitors.

We aren’t finished yet. And we’re still listening.

Since our founding in 1991, Axis Lighting has emphasized a focus on people. Every person matters, whether staff, customer, or end user. Our diversity translates into designs that transcend the ordinary and performance that exceeds the norm. For decades, Axis has been recognized by the design community as a partner in achieving signature results that elevate and differentiate spaces while delivering superior quality of light. Quite simply, we listen.

The BalancedCare family of lighting for healthcare spaces began with a vision to fill a void. Lighting for healthcare facilities doesn’t have to look institutional. It shouldn’t. Healthcare lighting solutions can meet all the stringent applications requirements but with architectural flair. Modern healthcare philosophy recognizes that a positive patient experience – one that feels welcoming, not imposing – translates into improved outcomes. So architectural form is one of the pillars of the BalancedCare product family, but all these support the primary objective: wellness.

  • Wellness
    The built environment can have a positive effect on the overall state of a person’s physical and emotional wellbeing. With a focus on patient and staff wellness, thoughtfully configured lighting that balances both visual and circadian needs, as well as links to nature, promotes healing outcomes.
  • Architectural Form
    Architectural Form
    BalancedCare luminaires provide timeless, stylized forms concealing sophisticated technologies that complement and enhance today’s architecture. Sleek, low profile styles replace mundane, institutional looks of the past and elevate healthcare lighting design to today’s standards.
  • Functional Optics & Visual Comfort
    Functional Optics & Visual Comfort
    BeWell light guide technology provides multiple precise distribution options to deliver the many layers of light required in healthcare environments, as well as glare-free comfortable lighting that supports the visual tasks of staff while enhancing the overall wellbeing of patients.
  • Intelligent Control
    Intelligent Control
    BalancedCare luminaires is an intuitive ‘controls-agnostic’ collection with intelligent patient bed control compatibility, and spectral programmability provided by tunable white and BIOS SkyBlue® technologies. We partner with industry-recognized controls suppliers for integration into any building automation system.
  • Infection Control & Performance
    Infection Control & Performance
    BalancedCare products are constructed of materials and finishes that withstand hospital cleaning protocols, standing up to the most stringent infection control requirements. They meet functional and application-specific industry listings such as UL, ADA, Ingress Protection (IP) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    Ease of Maintenance
    Smooth, non-corrosive surfaces can withstand the harsh cleaning protocols necessary to minimize risk of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). Toolless, room-side access to drivers and components facilitate maintenance efforts, reduce costs, and prolong sustainability of luminaire systems.