BeWell™ Controls

When designing around BalancedCare luminaires, you get the support of Axis Lighting's robust electrical team of professional engineers who work towards proper integration and performance of control systems. Axis is agnostic with respect to controls and has partnered with industry recognized controls suppliers to support integrated lighting within healthcare environments, ranging from the nurse call system to the entire facility.

BalancedCare Luminaires integrate into 24-hour building automation systems

Successful lighting for healthcare includes the entire system — not only luminaires and controls — but also the physical switches and digital interfaces for the wide variety of building occupants. BeWell Controls supports the design team’s controls intent, while advocating for maximum flexibility and friendly usability for patients and medical staff.

Long active on many of the healthcare and controls industry committees, our recognized domain experts are very familiar with research and best practices, which enables us to work with specialized healthcare design teams and adds value that consistently improves project outcomes for our customers.

Let our Controls experts help with your system integration design

Our in-house innovation specialists will help deliver everything from standard 0-10V dimming and code compliance to cutting edge Power Over Ethernet (POE) systems. Whether it’s advanced IOT sensing for people and asset tracking, color technology for health and wellbeing, or other new use cases, the BalancedCare team understands and supports the complex healthcare environment.

Healthcare facilities are heavily regulated and undergo continuous maintenance, inspection and recertification to ensure 24/7 operation. BalancedCare luminaires can be integrated into the overall building automation network, allowing facilities managers to schedule lighting and other systems according to usage requirements, which is one way to simultaneously reduce costs and reduce a facility’s carbon footprint.

BalancedCare ensures seamless integration

Since patient room lighting is multi-functional due to the various tasks performed in these spaces, proper control of these functions is critical. BalancedCare luminaires with BeWell Controls will ensure seamless integration between the lighting, control devices and users. Luminaires can also be sensor-ready to enable behaviors that not only enhance patient and staff experience, but serve to improve hospital efficiency as well.

From patient-controlled pillow speakers that communicate with nurse call systems, to wall switches controlled by the care providers, Axis has partnered with trusted industry leaders to tie the patient room into the overall healthcare operating system.

Curbell Pillow Speakers

Wall Switches