Complementary Products

Clinical spaces like patient rooms have special requirements that are addressed by the BalancedCare™ family. Using complementary design-focused lighting in public spaces and common areas elevates – and differentiates - the facility interior with aesthetic cohesiveness.

  1. Pose® Ideal for nurses’ stations and healthcare shift workers, Pose employs BeWell Optics to deliver visual comfort at a local level without affecting monitor resolution.
  2. Cove Perfekt Design smaller coves, eliminate hot spots and aiming issues, and improve light quality, all while saving energy.
  3. Beam 3 SurroundLite® With their supreme flexibility, Beam products create a balance between aesthetics, visual comfort, and lighting performance.
  4. Beam 3 Perimeter Beam 3 is a complete linear lighting toolbox, featuring a streamlined linear form factor designed for maximum versatility.
  5. Stencil® Stencil brings together lighting segments and connectors called Hubs, to create highly original lighting layouts without the high-end price tag.
  6. Sketch® Lighting can flow with the same grace as lines emanate from a pencil. Circles, softly rounded rectangles, simple arcs and sinuous forms.
  7. Sculpt One of Axis’s most flexible linear systems, Sculpt brings a new level of creative expression;1.5″ wide traces of light create an infinite number of lighting configurations.
  8. Graze Perfekt With high-performance wall grazing optics and the 1.5″ wide aperture of the Sculpt housing, this luminaire does more than highlight wall textures and enhance the space with dramatic wall grazing effects.
  9. Wall Wash Perfekt Combining a small form factor with asymmetric, vertical SurroundLite optics results in wide, comfortable, 3D distribution for ten-foot spacing.
  10. Pixel™ MikroLite™ A tiny size that makes a big architectural statement. High-lumen, energy-efficient downlighting employs precision optics to produce streak-free illumination of vertical surfaces. Available in 1×4, 1×8 & 2×2.