Nurses' Station

The job list is never-ending - 24/7. Nurses’ station lighting should enhance effectiveness, not inhibit it. Sufficient illumination for visual comfort. Glare-free, targeted task lighting to alleviate eye fatigue. Variable CCT for shift worker circadian support.

Deliver lighting that cares for the caregiver.

Lighting that aligns with recommended practice

Nurses’ Station Illuminance (Lux) Uniformity
Task Notes Horizontal (Eh) Vertical (Ev) Avg;min
Workplane Eh at 2′-6″ AFF* 500-1000 200-400 2 to 1
Work Station
Day Eh at floor; Ev at 5′ AFF 300-600 200-400 3 to 1
Night Eh at floor; Ev at 5′ AFF 100-200 40-80 3 to 1

To convert lux to foot candles, divide lux value by 10.7
Illuminance levels listed in the charts above represent recommended industry standards for ages ranging from 25 to > 65.

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