MRI TranquilityTM Sconces

Creating soft layers of light MRI TRANQUILITY SCONCES

With three sizes to choose from, Tranquility Sconces can easily adapt to architectural features. Also, custom colors and wood finishes are available for style matching with Tranquility imagery and the surrounding decor.

  • Detachable backplate for quick disconnects
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation, surface mounting
  • Available in 12″, 24″ and 36″ lengths
  • Shallow depth (Open Book – 2-3/8″, Box – 2″, Closed Book – 3-1/8″)
  • Lumen output contingent on graphic selection*

*The addition of Tranquility graphics will reduce output.

Custom Images

In addition to providing a wide variety of high-resolution images, we have the ability to customize Tranquility luminaires by integrating client-supplied artwork, including photography, company logos and signage. Use this opportunity to create unique graphic themes, increase brand awareness
and transform the visual environment.

Send us your artwork and we will print it. Art supplies must be 150 dpi at 100% image size.

Client-supplied Images

Personalize your space – Add images of local scenes, landmarks or special events that connect people with their surroundings.


Highlight your brand – It will enhance the colors of your logo and leave a long lasting impression.


Improve wayfinding – Make room numbers easier to see and destinations easier to find using illuminated signage.

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