BeWell™ Optics

The name says it all. BeWell Optics deliver lighting that actually promotes a healing environment. Using a specially engineered light guide, each point source of light is individually directed - not reflected. The result is amazingly uniform distribution, without glare, shadowing, or pixelation. Better visual acuity. Healing comfort.

Multidimensional Light Distribution The Right Light, Right Where It’s Needed

Precisely coded and aligned molecules in the light guide shape LED output, at each individual point source, in all three dimensions. The science is complicated. The result is easy – controlled distribution that puts light only where you need it. Direct, indirect, asymmetric or combination with high efficacy performance no matter the distribution.

Immersive Illumination A New Level of Light Quality

Visual comfort takes on a whole new meaning. Instead of reflected glare, the unique light guide produces comfortably diffused illumination for a more natural appearance and better visual acuity. It matters most when placed in line of sight, like a bed light directly above the patient. That’s where comfort is put to the test. That’s where BeWell Optics shine.

  • LED lighting, individually directed, not reflected
    LED lighting, individually directed, not reflected
    No streaks, no hot spots, no lines; just uniformly diffused yet functional light.
  • Healthcare lighting without the harshness
    Healthcare lighting without the harshness
    Light-emitting area is comfortable to view, even in direct line of sight like over a patient bed.
  • Effective, efficient, and efficacious
    Effective, efficient, and efficacious
    Better visual acuity means more effective care; high efficacy performance no matter the distribution.
  • Circadian supportive
    Circadian supportive
    Tunable White and BIOS options deliver functional lighting that also supports circadian entrainment for wellness.
  • Multiple light distribution options
    Multiple light distribution options
    Light guide technology allows multiple distributions from within the same fixture.