A hospital corridor is a transition area with a special twist – patients are often moved through while laying on their backs. So lighting needs to be particularly glare-free and comfortable. And those on foot need uniform distribution without reflection or shadows for safe passage. Wayfinding and nighttime dimming are a plus.

In a hospital, corridors are so much more than just hallways. Light the way.

Lighting that aligns with recommended practice

Corridors Illuminance (Lux) Uniformity
Task Notes Horizontal (Eh) Vertical (Ev) Avg:min
General Corridors Eh at floor; Ev at 5′ AFF* 100-200 30-60 2 to 1
Patient Corridors
Day Eh at floor; Ev at 5′ AFF 100-200 50-100 2 to 1
Night Eh at floor; Ev at 5′ AFF 50-100 20-40 2 to 1

To convert lux to foot candles, divide lux value by 10.7
Illuminance levels listed in the charts above represent recommended industry standards for ages ranging from 25 to > 65.

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