Linear wall-mount with curved illuminated surface - comfortable illumination with visual appeal


Wall-mounted, the graceful Elle Ceiling Line employs patent-pending BeWell™ Curved Luminous Surface (CLS) Optics to asymmetrically direct light in the space. InstaHinge™ in-wall track mounting makes for seamless wall-to-ceiling integration while allowing for easy serviceability.

  • Curved illuminated surface enabled by patent-pending BeWell CLS lightguide technology
  • InstaHinge wall-to-ceiling corner mounting mechanism for easy installation and access
  • Hairline joiner for continuously illuminated runs
  • Integral Axis mini constant current driver, 0-10V dimming standard
  • Individual lengths up to 8’.
Corner Hinged
InstaHinge™ – on-track 90º Rotating mechanism secures fixture along the ceiling line
Step Endcap
Step Endcap
Flat Endcap
Flat Endcap
Concave design results in an unobtrusive clean line down the corridor
Patent-Pending concave luminaire design results in unobtrusive clean line down the corridor

Form and function Visual comfort with grace

Elle’s clean lines and graceful illuminated curve may look like just another pretty face. But the appealing form conceals impressive lighting technology.  BeWell™ patent-pending CLS optics employs an innovative light guide design to produce glare-free visual comfort. The perfect solution for corridor lighting, patients on gurneys and wheelchairs are protected from typical harsh glare. When form meets function, it’s a beautiful thing.


  • Comfortable, glare-free linear lighting
    Comfortable, glare-free linear lighting
    Curved illuminated surface enabled by patent-pending BeWell™ CLS optical light guide technology providing asymmetric illumination.
  • Revolutionary lightguide
    Revolutionary lightguide
    First-ever curved light guide in the industry
  • Axis inside
    Axis inside
    Integral mini constant current driver by Axis Lighting
  • Gurney-friendly
    Corridor lighting that does not shine directly into a transported patient’s eyes
  • Shallow housing
    Shallow housing
    Complies with ADA requirements