CoeLux® for Healthcare

The uplift of blue skies on a sunny day - using science to create a sense of natural light where there is none.

Elevate Wellness The Experience of Being Outside – Inside

Evidence indicates natural light and views have restorative effects on people both physiologically and psychologically. Bringing biophilia, the inherent human inclination to connect with nature, into healthcare facility design can result in restorative environments that promote accelerated healing and can help decrease stress levels in patients. Similarly, studies have shown that bringing a sense of natural daylight into a nurses’ station has improved alertness and generated mood restoration effects in hard-working staff. It can also soothe the anxiety of family members and friends in a waiting area.

It’s Surreal Complicated Science that Just Looks Natural

The earth’s atmosphere is 29 miles deep, consisting of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen molecules. The blue color of the sky is caused by the scattering of sunlight reflected off the molecules of the atmosphere. Scientifically referred to as Rayleigh scattering, it is more effective at short wavelengths, or the blue end of the visible spectrum. CoeLux’s patented nanoparticle optical system replicates the physics behind the Rayleigh Effect, and delivers the physical effects of daylight.

  • Connect with the outside world
    Connect with the outside world
    Especially important for spaces without windows, CoeLux provides a unique connection with the outside world.
  • The uplifting effect of a sunny blue sky
    The uplifting effect of a sunny blue sky
    CoeLux helps satisfy the natural inclination of humans to connect with nature, creating a restorative environment that promotes healing and soothes stress.
  • Complicated physics, splendid results
    Complicated physics, splendid results
    More than just a static lightbox, CoeLux uses LEDs to create the full spectrum of sunlight and mimic the distance between sun and sky.
  • Benefits for everyone - patients, staff, and visitors
    Benefits for everyone – patients, staff, and visitors
    A visual connection to nature has been shown to promote accelerated healing and decrease stress levels in patients, improve alertness and restore positive mood in staff, and soothe the anxiety of visitors in a waiting area.