MRI Remote Power Supply Calculator

Please refer to our online calculator, an easy-to-use tool that helps determine the quantity of remote power supply components and their configuration, resulting in a ready-to-use ordering code.

How to calculate:

  1. Enter the total number of dimming circuits in the top drop down menu
  2. Click ADD to select the multiple luminaire types within each category
  3. Select the different lengths, quantity and identify to which circuit #
  4. When satisfied with the choices click CALCULATE for ordering code

Available products

MRI Beam 2 Recessed (SO, BW) BCB2RMRI

MRI Beam 2 Recessed (WW, GZ) BCB2RMRI

MRI Beam 4 Recessed (SO, BW) BCB4RMRI

MRI Beam 4 Recessed (WW, GZ) BCB4RMRI


MRI Sconce Closed Book BCSCMRI

MRI Sconce Open Book BCSOMRI

MRI Sketch Recessed BCSKMRI

MRI Undercabinet BCUCMRI

MRI Tranquility Sconce Box BCSBTQMRI

MRI Tranquility Sconce Closed Book BCSCTQMRI

MRI Tranquility Sconce Open Book BCSOTQMRI

MRI Flexible Ambient 1x1 BCFAMRI11

MRI Flexible Ambient 2x2 BCFAMRI22

MRI Pixel Downlight 2x2, 1x4 BCPIXMRI

MRI Pixel Downlight 1x8 BCPIXMRI

MRI Tranquility Drop Lens 2x2 BCTQDMRI

MRI Tranquility Overlay Lens 2x2 BCTQGMRI

MRI Tranquility Overlay Lens 4x4 BCTQGMRI

MRI Tranquility Regressed Lens 2x2 BCTQRMRI

MRI Tranquility Regressed Lens 2x4 BCTQRMRI

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